Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag Pink STRIPE 0-6 1 Tog

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Pink Stripe Slumbersac

0-6 Months




Why Sleeping Bags?
Inside a sleeping bag your baby has enough room to stretch and wriggle without the danger of kicking off or slipping under conventional duvets and blankets.
Are There Other Advantages?
  • Your baby maintains a constant temperature throughout the night. If baby does wake it feels comfortable and more likely to go back to sleep.
  • Baby can kick and wriggle contentedly and will not feel restricted.
  • Baby cannot get between cot bars.
  • Sleeping Bags help prevent baby scratching itchy eczema.
  • When traveling or in strange surrounding babies will feel more comfortable in their own sleeping bag.
What Size Sleeping Bag?
Slumbersac come in three generous sizes:
  • Size 1. Birth to 6 months
  • Size 2. 6-18 months
  • Size 3. 12 months-2 years (when folded)
                 12 months-3 years (when extended)
Why Do Some Bags Have Side Zips And Others Centre Zips?
There is no right or wrong. Generally the smaller sizes have side zips which make for easy access when changing your baby.
As babies becomes bigger and stronger they can ‘force’ open the snaps at the shoulder; thus we use centre zips without snaps on size 3.
What Is Tog Rating And Which Should I Use?
'Tog' is simply a measurement of thermal resistance.
Slumbersac has two tog ratings:
  • 1 tog is a lighter bag for use in well insulated houses and on warm summer nights
  • 2.5 tog is a more general weight for use for normal use
Monitor your baby’s nursery temperature and adjust the nightwear to ensure your baby does not get too hot or too cold.
Slumbersac Sleeping Bags Do Not Have Sleeves - Why Is This?
Inside a sleeping bag babies move and wriggle thus creating heat. To ensure a constant temperature your baby ventilates though it’s head and arms. Having cool hands is good it indicates everything is working well.
Do Slumbersac Wash & Dry Easily?
Yes all our sleeping bags can be machine washed at 40° and tumble dried on a low heat. We recommend you keep zips closed for washing and drying.

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